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Getting started with Rchive is simple and free ! Sign up and start using all the features .

FAQ - Getting Started

You can use Rchive on almost all computers with Internet access; however, you will have a better experience with a high speed Internet connection.


It's easy.  Create an account on, log in,

You can then upload as many screenplays as you want for free, invite your friends or mail them whom ever you want and revoke the access at any time .

Membership in Rchive is free and always will be, you only need to sign up to get a username and password.

Click your name at the top to go to your profile tab on the settings page.  

Upload a profile pic, add your location, user name, title, and a brief bio.

Click the Settings tab to adjust your profile and screenplay visibility.  

Adjust your email settings to sign up for our blogs or newsletter.

From your dashboard click My Connections to get to the manage connections page and then select Invite Connections to invite connections by email or social media. 

To connect with Rchive members, search for Writers in the top search bar and send connections directly to them. 

To connect with people who have not yet joined Rchive, click My Connections on the dashboard and select the Invite Connections tab.  Here you can invite by email or through social media.