Introduction : Copyright Protection

At Rchive, security and protection of your work is part of our core philosophy. Our service places as much emphasis on security as it does on bringing your work closer to potential buyers.

Rchive has created a platform for you to share your work - selectively, if you choose to - so you can focus on your next writing project and worry less about taking your current work to potential clients. We understand what your screenplay means to you, the potential it has, and why it is crucial to protect it from theft.

If there is one thing creatives across the world are worried about, it is plagiarism. At the same time, entertainment industry professionals are eager to get their work seen by the right people. In the pursuit of the latter, there’s risk of one’s screenplay getting into the wrong hands and being misappropriated or stolen. While plagiarism is a major concern for not-yet-adapted screenplays, for those that are optioned, there’s the perpetual worry of script leaks and disputes in chain of title.

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